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Original Research Article

Assessment of Nutritional status and Associated factors of children under 5years of age in Dabat Town, North Gondar, Ethiopia.

Tamiru Adugnga1, Murugan Thiraviam1a, Sulheiman Kedir2,
Temesgen Geto2, Tesfalem Hagos2, Tesfaye Yesuf2, Wale Munaye2,
Yared Nigusse2 and Fikirte Adela2

1Department of Medicine and Health Science, Ambo Univeristy, Ambo, Ethiopia._1a Former: Department of Medicine and Health Science, Ambo Univeristy, Ambo, Ethiopia.Present: PG and Research Department of Microbiology, PGP College of Arts &Science,Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India._ 2College of Medicine and health science school of public health, University of Gondar, Gondar,Ethiopia.

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol. 2017 .20(2) : 84-96

*Corresponding author


Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children under the age of five in developing countries. Ethiopia being one of these countries, malnutrition is an important public health problem. However, little information is available on risk factors for under nutrition. To assess the nutritional status and associated risk factors in children under the age of five, a community based cross-sectional survey was under taken in Dabat, North West Ethiopia. Weight, Height and Middle upper arm circumference (MUAC) of the study children were measured and the socio- demographic characteristics of the study children were collected using a well structured questionnaire. The overall prevalence of malnutrition in the Dabat community was high with 55.56% of the children being stunted, 35.20% being underweight, 11.70% being wasted and 2.70% being marasmic. Among the socio-economic variable, educational status of the mother, age of the mother, plate sharing of the subject child, age at initiation of complementary feeding, educational status of the father, marital status of the mother & father, and monthly income of the parents were significantly associated with malnutrition. The mean age of the study subject was 31.8( 14.6).The nutritional status of children in the Dabat community is affected by low family income and inappropriate child feeding practices. To reduce child hood malnutrition due emphasis should be given in improving house hold income and proper child feeding practice.

Keywords: malnutrition, risk factor, socio-economic status, stunted, marasmic, underweight community, feeding practice.

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