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Original Research Article

Culturable endophytic bacteria from halotolerant Salicornia brachata L. : Isolation and plant growth promoting traits

Abbas1*, R.M. Patel2 and V. B. Parekh1

1Department of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat (396 450) India._2ASPEE Shakilam Agricultural Biotechnology Institute, Navsari Agricultural University, Athwa Farm, Surat, Gujarat (395007), India

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol. 2018 .21(1) : 10-21

*Corresponding author


Twenty two endophytic bacteria were isolated from the roots of Salicornia brachiata L. were characterized on the basis of morphology and biochemical characteristics, out of which five potential endophytes were selected based on their PGPR activity and identified by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis as Bacillus aereus SA1 (KY953566), Serratia nematodiphila SG1 (KY953567), Pantoea agglomerans SG2 (KY953568), Enterobacter sp. SL (KY953569) and Enterobacter sp. SRh (KY953570). All the five selected endophytic bacterial strains produced IAA. Siderophore production was observed in Serratia nematodiphila SG1, Pantoea agglomerans SG2 and Enterobacter sp. SL. Only Serratia nematodiphila SG1 solubilised tricalcium phosphate and ACC Deaminase production were observed with Bacillus aereus SA1 and Enterobacter sp. SL. Bacillus aereus SA1, Serratia nematodiphila SG1 and Enterobacter sp. SRh withstand higher salt concentration of (8 % NaCl) whereas Pantoea agglomerans SG2 and Enterobacter sp. SL tolerated 7 % of NaCl. Endophyte Pantoea agglomerans SG2 was tolerant to 17 antibiotics whereas Enterobacter sp. SL tolerant to only 4 antibiotics.

Keywords: Salicornia, Halophyte, Endophyte, Plant growth promotion

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