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Volume 21 Number 2 July - September 2018

1. Mony Thakur and Khushboo

Prevalence and Drug resistance pattern of Klebsiella pneumoniae causing Community - Acquired Pneumonia in Paonta Sahib Region of Himachal Pradesh

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol.2018.21(2): 1-10

2. Jayamanohar Jabastin, Palanisamy Bruntha Devi,Rajendran Suresh and Venkatesan Brindha Priyadarisini

Functional traits of exopolysaccharide (EPS) producing lactic flora from feces of Irula and Urban community of Tamil Nadu

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol.2018.21(2): 11-19

3. Yogeeta Bala, V.S. Randhawa, Arvind Saili, Ravinder Kaur,Shweta Chitkara and Aditya Dugga

A Microbiological Profile of Early Onset of Neonatal Sepsis in A Tertiary Care Hospital in North India

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol.2018.21(2): 20-28

4. Poornima.M, Jeevan.P and Prabha.T

Larvicidal Potential of Mycosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles against Culex quinquefasciatus

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol.2018.21(2): 29-38

5. Patel Prachi S and Desai Reena G.

Comparison of antimicrobial study of extracted essential oil clove and readymade essential oil neem

Ind.J.Applied.Microbiol.2018.21(2): 39-45


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